Biggest box office busts of all time


The movie business is difficult to master. Even the most experienced production houses have tumbled and fallen often biting the dust with their big money movies. It seems money can make a movie, but big money does not mean a good movie.

In the show business, if a movie does not break even in the theatres, it is considered to be a box office bust. Since none of the studios’ release the budgets and costs of individual movies, the best we have are the estimates. And we will tell you which of the big budget movies busted at the box office based on these estimates.

  1. 47 Ronin

It is never a good idea to give a multi-million-dollar budget to a first-time feature film director. But Universal Studios learnt that lesson the hard way when they signed off on a $175 million production of 47 Ronin. Director Carl Rinsch had only worked on commercials until the 2013 movie. The firm suffered a $96 million loss at the box office.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Warner Bros suffered a massive loss when they invested $175 million in the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Guy Ritchie directed the movie and had Charlie Hunnam was in the lead role. The production house believed the combination would give them a certain win and may become a precursor to a franchise. Even Footballer David Beckham’s woeful appear could not save the movie from being a bust. The movie is rumoured to have caused a loss of $150 million for Warner Bros.

  1. Titan AE

Even animated movies are no exception to failure. Fox Animation Studios produced their first animated movie Titan AE at the cost of $90 million and just ten days after the release, the company collapsed. They pegged the total loss at $100 million. The movie had Don Bluth and Gary Goldman as directors and Matt Damon, Bill Pullman and Drew Barrymore as voice actors. But nothing could save this first venture from doom.

  1. The Lone Ranger

Can you imagine a world where a Johnny Depp movie would fail? We have a startling example in The Lone Ranger. Produced at a cost of $225 million, the movie flopped spectacularly at the box office. The production ran into too many troubles and escalated costs and came close to being canned. They pegged the loss at $98 million. Receiving two Oscar nominations was the only consolation for the producers.

  1. Stealth

We won’t be surprised if you have never heard of this movie. It was produced at a gigantic cost of $135 million and it barely saw the daylight.

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