Foreign Films that every movie fan should watch


Movies are one of the greatest sources of entertainment. If you are a movie buff and love the Hollywood productions, wait till you see films from other countries. There is a big world out there beyond Hollywood and it is colourful, entertaining and is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

While Hollywood is famous for its big blockbusters, there are thousands of movies coming in hundreds of different languages following a formula quite different from the American cinemas. In this article, we will list a few such foreign films that will show a world beyond the Tinseltown.

  1. City of God

City of God is a Brazilian movie about life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. It tells the story of two boys growing up in the same neighbourhood, but taking two different paths. As drug gangs take hold of the favelas, a normal life seems like a far-fetched idea for anyone living in these slums.

  1. Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful is one of the most heart-warming movies ever released. It portrays the story of a Jewish family in a Nazi concentration camp. The protagonist works hard to protect his son from the horror of living through the Holocaust, by making it look like an elaborate game. The movie won Academy Award for best foreign film and Roberto Benigni won the award for best actor in the lead role.

  1. Internal Affairs

If you love suspense thrillers, Internal Affairs is a must watch. The storyline was so good that it even got an American remake called ‘The Departed’. But despite Martin Scorsese’s best attempts, the remake does not even come close to the original. Internal Affairs is nuanced, deep and keeps you at the edge of the seat.

  1. Das Boot

Das Boot is an example of a foreign film you will remember for years to come and rewatch at every possible instance. It tells the story of a German U-boat crew during the WWII. It is a rare movie that portrays the story from the other side in a war that saw too much destruction. Das Boot has great storytelling and will force a tear or two out of you.

  1. Lagaan

Lagaan is the story of a small Indian village where the farmers raise up against the mighty British empire and challenge them to a game of Cricket. The movie has a lot of song and dance sequences and follows a wonderful storytelling method.

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